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Andy Hague Quintet

Comprising some of the best musicians in the Bristol area.The repertoire combines Andy's catchy original compositions with fresh treatments of jazz standards. A fusion of modern, b-bop and world jazz to get you tapping your toes.


Backyard was born in November 2004 and immediately won praise powerful performances with focus UK’s new RnB/soul singer Phil King. Backyard formed their own sound heavily influenced by performers such as D’angelo, Lynden David Hall and Musiq soul child whilst also referencing classic soul artists.” Phil King Also plays regularly with the Forster-King band and Pete Roe.

Barrelhouse Blues

West Country based blues band. They play a weird and wonderful junkshop-full of instruments: the usual guitars, dobro, banjo, harmonica and mandolin, plus ukelele, jugs, kazoos, drums, kettles and "assorted noises". The result of all this is a foot-tapping, soul-lifting blend of Delta blues, riotous jug-band and skiffle stompers, tear-jerking soulful slow-blues, and a handful of cool jazzy numbers. There's even some Bob Dylan.

Beth Rowley

"Beth Rowley has one of those voices that commands one shuts up and listens to the purity of emotion that flows so enchantingly from her voice. Her silky tones and vocal flexibility makes Beth’s sound the kind one wants to hear again and again and again..."
Carleen Anderson 2005.

Beth Rowley entered the Old Duke family a few moons back now when she accompanied Pete Roe at open mic night, she has since become part of our staple diet, we all love her. As it says above her music is enchanting and ever listenable, if you’ve never seen her before you are missing out on one of Bristols most glittering gems.

Blue Notes

Always sure of a great reception at the Old Duke, this swinging band features star vocalist Hannah Wedlock supported by six of the West Country's finest musicians. With an extensive repertoire embracing early Armstrong, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Bix Beiderbeck and Hoagy Carmichael, the Blue Notes promise to keep you entertained!



Bucucrasu... from the Creole "Beaucoup Crasseux", which in New Orleans parlance means "Plenty Funky". Professor Longhair was the "Bach of rock" and we proudly follow in his footsteps, continuing explorations in the music that lies at the root of funk.
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Cass Caswell's Allstars - a band of six band leaders

Well-known jazz double bassist Cass formed the exciting Bristol-based band in 1998, trawling several counties for versatile jazz stars, all bandleaders in their own right. The band plays an unusually wide mix of jazz - Traditional/Dixieland/Mainstream/swing/Bebop and the solo-spots during each session. It has Monday residency at The Old Duke (always gets the crowd jumping!, has produced a CD "Millennium Round up of 1900's Jazz", and accepts bookings at many functions, jazz clubs, festivals and concerts. The band has also backed many jazz stars topping the bill at The Old Duke’s August Jazz Festivals Including Danny Moss, Jeanie Lambe, Pete Allen, Lianne Carrol, Kenny Baker, Alker Bilk etc

Cass Casswell's Monster Trio +

Formed In 1999, The Trio's Spectacular Musicianship takes jazz audiences by storm. All three musicians were members of television orchestras - John Martin for Scottish Television, John Gibson BBC Birmingham's Pebble Mill And Cass Casswell for Westward Television in Plymouth. Since Cass Casswell formed this trio in 1999, They play at major theatres and Jazz Festivals and Concerts throughout the UK. At their monthly Old Duke Mondays, they often augment the trio with outstanding jazz guests including saxophonists Tommy Whittle, Alan Barnes, Danny Moss And John Wurr, singers Maggie Reeday, Lee Gibson, Brenda Scott, Jane Christie And Kerry Bowles, guitarist Neil Burns, trombonist Ian Bateman, clarinettists Pete Allen and Ray Bush and many more.

Chantilly Lace

Old time classic rock and roll five piece band who’ve been playing the Duke for many-a-year. A popular favourite with our regulars their ever brilliant catchphrase is "The more you drink, the better we sound" which we like.

Chris Mayfield

Chris Mayfield

Is a guitar player, songwriter and vocalist in the tradition of blues music as he hears it.

Chris has been in the music biz as a pro since 1964. He played his way through the 60's on to a recording deal in 1969. He recorded at Abbey Road Studios throughout 1971 with his band "Mayfield’s Mule". A time with Noel Redding from the Hendrix band steered him in other directions. 1979 bought a move to Los Angeles and lotsa music, playing with guys like Coco Montay, Ritchie Hayward, Jimmy Z, JJ Cale and a whole bunch of others. In 1988 he moved to Kentucky and found a totally new style of music to get into. He lived in a log cabin in the woods, played a little bluegrass, did some recording in Nashville with country songwriter Rex Pruitt and played good few gigs from Louisville on down to Nashville. His return to England in 1998 saw the formation of Bluze the Band. This band has played all over the U.K. for the last 7 years, including many fine gigs at the Old Duke.

Following the demise of Bluze he is now performing under his own name again with the help of the Rythym Rats, Les Morgan - Drums, Thad Kelly - Bass, Mick Paice - Tenor/Alto and Lyndon Owen - Tenor.

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Code Red

Four piece Jazz Funk band.

Dave Betts Quintet

The quintet comprises of Dave Betts (drums) Greg Cordez (bass) Gary Alesbrook (trumpet) Matt Sibley (saxophone) Jim Bloomfield (piano)Dave Betts is a self-taught Drummer, Percussionist and composer based in Great Britain.

Dave began writing his own material in 1999 and formed the Dave Betts Quintet in 2000. Dave’s compositions span the worlds of Jazz, Latin and Funk and he plays a wide range of percussion instruments ranging from drum kit through to congas, timbales and tabla. Put your dancing shoes on and prepare to jiggle your bottoms to the quintet’s superb range of world fusion.

Dynamos Rhythm Aces

Three piece Swing/rockabilly/RnB band and who have taken the rigour and vigour of the 1940’s/1950’s swing sounds and moulded in into a fusion of chart cover tracks. Expect a mix of the likes of Frankie Goes to Hollywood ‘Relax’, The Smiths ‘Panic’ and a ‘fingerpickingly good’ rendition of Motorheads ‘Ace of Spades‘. Live, the band have built themselves a formidable reputation, we can always rely on a packed pub with this band!

"People don’t immediately get what we’re doing when they see us live, I like seeing their faces when they suddenly click that they're listening to 'Kiss' or 'Panic' done in a 40’s swing style and it still sounds as good."

An extremely entertaining band straight from latterday tropical island paradise, highly recommended if you are looking for a night of old fashioned good times meets modern day song writing.


Eddie Martin

Eddie Martin's Blues Band

A three piece blues band lead by Eddie Martin who boasts numerous international awards and is one of Britain's best Blues song writers and performers.
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Eddie Martin's open mic night

Our very own blues superstar mellows out every Tuesday to bring us an enchanting and soulful blues acoustic set before handing the mic over to anyone brave enough to take on The Old duke crowd. You will meet and enjoy dozens of outstanding talent here, new and old. An excellent opportunity to air your musical inner self.

Fat man swings

Fatman Swings are back to reset the standard for jump jive, boogie blues and early version rock n' roll that they established for the Bristol Delta in the early '90s. An extremely energetic un miss able Old duke experience.

Flash Harry

They play a foot stomping, highly danceable set with songs from the swamp lands of Louisiana to the hills of Kildare, bridged by bluesy bottleneck riffs in the vein of Rory Gallagher. The band comprises fiddle player and vocalist Pete Watson, guitar and vocals Roger Slade, saxophones, whistle and vocals Vicki Burke, bass guitar Chris Mitchell and drums John Furlong. Musicianship is to the fore with fiddle, sax and guitar combining to produce an unusual mixture of musical variations, complemented by vocal harmonies.

Frampton Footwarmers

The band has several first class recordings to its credit following engagements at The Barbican and several London hotels. The Band made its BBC debut in 1999, and its recordings are now often heard on local radio.

A great selection of music from ballads to blues to swing! Music from the jazz age, music with great melodies - a foxtrot a quickstep or a waltz - A great Sunday afternoon treat.

Henry’s Bootblacks

An eleven-piece jazz ensemble, originally formed in 1964, playing the classic jazz and dance band music of the twenties and thirties under the direction of multi-instrumentalist bandleader Henry Davies.

Immigrant Swing

Immigrant Swing (
Riot Swing Music consisting of blends of Manouche (Gypsy Swing), Blues, Hip-hop, world influenced music such as Mediterranean, Afro-Caribbean and Latin rhythms thus far. Transcending between English, French, Spanish, Italian and other European languages for now...


jake leg jug band

Jake Leg Jug Band

The Jake Leg Jug Band bring you the authentic sounds of 1920's and 30's America - Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Ragtime - and put their own twist on it. Songs about murder, betrayal, gambling, liquor and redemption. Quickly gaining a reputation as a lively, feel-good band.

The band's debut album 'Cotton Mouth' was released in February 2013 on both CD and 10" vinyl format to critical acclaim. Its success led to them signing a recording contract with one of the UK's most prestigious Jazz labels - Lake Records - recording their new album 'Next Stop!' as part of their 'Vintage Recording Project' - essentially recording live around one ribbon microphone, as it would have been back in the 1930's, meeting with rave reviews:

"Instrumental virtuosity. Very enjoyable, very listenable." Blues & Rhythm "Every now and then a CD comes along that puts a smile on your face, and this is one of them, a fine CD" Fatea
"These classics from another century take on a new life in their hands" Spiral Earth
"An album fresh to listen to but with a rare authentic feel. Hugely recommended" Tykes News

The line up features Duncan Wilcox (Vocals & Double Bass), Esther Brennan (Vocals, Washboard & Ukulele), Andy Anderson (Vocals, Banjo & Dobro), Neil Hulse (Vocals, Guitar & Mandolin) and Purcy Harmonica (Vocals, Harmonica, Saw & Percussion).
Listen to: Some Of These Days (m4a)
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Jeremy Huggets Band of Gold

This refreshingly stimulating and dynamic young jazz & blues band is not to be missed.

Led by the recent UK Award Winner for Best Reed Player, Jeremy Huggett, Band of Gold is the youngest professional jazz & blues band in the UK. Although young, its members are experienced and have worked with top names such as Danny Moss, Digby Fairweather, Roy Williams, Beryl Brydon, Acker Bilk, Pete Allen, Phil Mason, to name a few. Playing a wide range of music from traditional and mainstream jazz to blues and rock & roll, Jeremy Huggett's Band of Gold appeals to all musical tastes and all ages.

Keith Little's Hot Six

Swing, Dixieland and Jump band that was formed at the beginning of 1998. It has since played at the Sacramento Jazz Festival in California, the Nantes Festival, Jersey, for the European Parliament in Brussels and at the Festival Hall as well as at Brecon Jazz Festival and many others. The swinging six have a residency at The Old Duke, Alternating Fridays with Pete Martin's Jazz Kings.


Blending influences of soul, jazz and funk with the touch of an alternative topping. Kuwarto are immigrants to Bristol and made a nice home for themselves. Scotland native Jago Whitehead, frustrated welsh sportsman bass player Phil Davies, Kaz Windsor from Manila and Jamie Dockerty from sunny Almondsbury.

Louise Dodds

A professional singer based in Edinburgh. Her large repertoire ranges from the well loved standards of the American Songbook to the more eclectic vocalised versions of classic bebop tunes. A singer in great demand in her home town, 2006 has already seen her successfully completing her first UK tour, taking in venues such as Pizza on the Park in London, The Old Duke in Bristol, and Jools Holland's Jam House in Edinburgh.

Lucky Ol' Sun'

Lucky Ol' Sun

Lucky Ol' Sun are a rock 'n' roll trio with a style deeply rooted in blues, country, jazz and rockabilly music.

Upbeat music that covers the vintage sounds of the bands from the 50s onwards.
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mama nice

Mama Nice

That time you were locked inside a curiosity shop and wondered "what would the gramophone would say about the shrunken head?" - Mama Nice wants to tell you. Instruments made of wood and metal dance round sexy voodoo voices.

Mama Nice; a brand new band hailing from Bristol, have more influences than you can shake a stick at. With that in mind, things can start out calm and fire off in a mad mix of setlists, combining waltzing middle-eights with foot-stomping swing on bended notes and knee.

Gin blues, rum swing, schnapps folk. Mama Nice!
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Nine Volt Moon

The Old Duke’s youngest band ever! Four piece Jazz/Funk band incorporating aspects of hip hop, drum and base rhythms with an occasional rocky edge to it. This band, despite their youthful looks have the musical skills that those much older would aspire to and could definitely be described as 'up-and-coming'. One to watch out for and follow their progress!

Panama Jazz Band

"Happy Jazz" is the motto of this Bristol-based, fun loving traditional jazz band. The band is made up of talented musicians who thoroughly enjoy playing and their obvious enjoyment soon rubs off on their audience. Don't be fooled by their lighthearted approach, because the band can play famous jazz standards with considerable technical ability. Adding to the entertainment, the band boasts five vocalists, each with his own style. Look out for Panama - they are too good to miss.

Pete Canter Quartet

Fine tenor saxophone player and top notch rhythm section playing hardbop, bebop, latin jazz and Pete's exciting, contemporary jazz originals.

Pete Martin's Jazz Kings

Six piece trad jazz band.



PONCHARTRAIN'S music is best described as 'vintage Americana' - "It's a honky-tonk, rockabilly, Cajun, bluesy kind of thing!". Fronted by demon 'console-steel' player Paul Godden (Flaco Jimminez; Van Morrison), this 5 piece band will put a grin on your face, and a hangover in your morning after...
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Rival Attraction

Rival Attraction Jazz/Funk/Fusion 5 piece band formed way back in 1983 from core members of the Sam Howard Band. Andy,Ian,Mike and Richie. The band recently reformed back in 2006 with the original brass section Keith Morgan saxes , Dave Ford trumpet and Vince Ford trombone. This version of the band has slimmed down to 5 members with Steve Hacking from Saffron Monkey taking the sax slot.

Robin Reece

A swinging, very entertaining band of pro. musicians whose infectious enthusiasm and humour soon spreads to the audience. Robin is not only a great musician but one of the best "frontmen" in the business. "Entertainment" is the keyword for this exciting outfit. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Roy Kirby's Paragon Jazz band

Line-up ranges from 3 - 6 piece and includes: Trumpet / Vocals, Clarinet / Alto and Tenor Sax, Trombone, String Bass / Brass Bass, Drums, Plectrum and Tenor Banjo / Tenor Guitar.

Whether required for background music, or dancing, the Paragon Jazz Bands happy style is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and rekindle memories of those unforgettable evergreen tunes.


Formed in Bristol in early 2005, Sheelanagig have been honing their own blend of acoustic world-folk mayhem, fusing Celtic and East European dance tunes with gypsy jazz, ska, medieval, North African and Latin music.

Each member of Sheelanagig brings something unique to the band: Adrian Sykes (flute, whistles, tabla) has travelled Europe and made several albums with the highly acclaimed electronic roots outfit ‘Elephant Talk'. Dorian Sutton (double bass) is a freelance jazz player who has worked with Pee Wee Ellis and Gilad Atzmon. Dave Archer (guitar) has an expressive gypsy-flavoured style developed while busking around Europe. Aaron Catlow (violin) has toured and recorded with the medieval group ‘Peascod’ as well as composing for experimental string quartets. John Blakeley (drums) is an experienced jazz drummer and Latin percussionist who has studied and performed in Cuba.

Slimline Shufflers

Slimline Shufflers

The Slimline Shufflers play New Orleans inspired blues and boogie, with a fresh take on timeless classics alongside our own compositions.
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Swing Ouest

Influenced by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and the French Gypsies - SwingOuest is a 4 piece Gypsy Jazz Group with established players on the local jazz scene. They perform a storming set of Gypsy Jazz that is passionate and fiery with a lot of toe-tapping swing.

Brett Lewis on guitar has played at various jazz festivals and venues that include The Brecon Jazz Festival, The International Gypsy Guitar Festival in Gloucestershire, L'Esprit Manouche in Birmingham, Marlborough and Torfaen Jazz Festivals, The Annual New Mexico DjangoFest in Albuquerque USA and UK's Premier Gypsy Jazz venue Le Quecumbar. Harry Sankey on Guitar has also performed at Le Quecumbar as well as many local jazz venues in the South West. He's a home either playing Gypsy or Straight Ahead Jazz. John Pearce is an acclaimed violinist and performs at many of the top Jazz venues around the UK, he also plays locally with another of his bands the Moscow Drug Club. Paul Mahon on Double Bass is a teacher of music and can also play great guitar. He can be seen playing around the UK in his own band the Milestones group.

The CarnyVillains

The CarnyVillains ( a 6 piece circus show band playing stomping swing and ska all rolled out live and kicking with the riotous energy of punk rock. Formed to be the house band with The Invisible Circus they have gone on to storm stages across Europe from festivals such as Fusion and Glastonbury to their namesake Carny Ville in Bristol. They can tear it up with a raucous live gig, create music for theatre and circus or perform as live musical installations under just about any disguise you care to think of.

The Ernest Trio

New trio, led by bassist jon short featuring john blakeley (drums) and dale hambridge (piano). Performing contemporary originals with moments of explosive intensity and intimate fragility.

The Fallen Apples

This ecclectic five piece band of wonderment fell together at their local pub. At the heart of the band is singer Roy Glover who leads the boys through knees-up swinging boogie woogie, folk, country and bluesy ballads with "Tom Waitsian passion and salt of the earth humour" Roy is joined by upright Bass player-come-vicar Darren Smith, Peter Lane on drums, Dave Gibson on ’dirty sounding’ harmonica and Paul Shippey plucking on mandolin.

The Fallen Apples manage to mix fun, musicianship and show into an intoxicating brew making a good time guaranteed. They recommend drinking plenty of water before bed!


The Forster-King band

The Forster-King band formed by guitarist James Forster and vocalist Phil King. The Forster-King band plays music that blends the styles of their favourite influences, a BB king shuffle followed by some swampy New Orleans funk is the order of the day and it’s recipe seems to be making an impact.

The John Fenlon Blues Band

This Bristol based blues legend is one of the Old Duke’s favourites, famed as much for his music as his larger than life personality John Fenlon always brings a merry troupe of Bristol’s finest musicians set for a night of gritty blues accompanied by John’s beautifully skilled harmonica playing. One of Britains most respected, an act not to be missed!

The Lewis Creaven Band

Formed in Bristol with some of the best musical talent around, the Lewis Creaven band have gained a reputation as one of the hardest working bands on the scene, thanks to their non-stop gigging schedule and widespread popularity. The live show features classics from artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Robben Ford, Lenny Kravitz, Bad Company and many others, all done in a unique style and finesse. The band is also hard at work writing original material, with an EP already released to great acclaim and a full album on the way.

The Marys

The Marys are a Bristol based five piece citing influences as diverse as folk and country to indie rock. Their music is a heady mixture of melody and energy receiving many good reviews in Venue magazine and The Melody Maker, once being described as 'Hootie and the Blowfish meets Radiohead in Crowdedhouse'. The Marys have won many prestigious gigs including top spot at Ashton Court Festival, as well as support to Brian May of ‘Queen’ fame and Ricky Ross of ’Deacon Blue’, so they cant be bad!

Dreamy melodies formed from the deep southern new country ilk, banjo and harmonica make appearances but this is no old timers band, The Marys quantify their influences in a modern day manner. This band sound as though they’d be at home on a dusty country road on the plains of America.

The Mike Hoddinott Blues Allstars

Band formed from national and international touring and session musicians.

The Numbers Racket

This fantastic, versatile horn section able to play blues, pop, swing or jazz. They have impressed audiences all over Europe and the UK performing with such artists as Mick Taylor (ex Rolling Stones), Snowy White, Eddie Martin & Leo Sayer. They are also the mainstay of the Todd Sharpville band. Blues Monthly declared them "...even better than The Memphis Horns".

The Pete Roe band

Pete Roe is an integral part of the Old Duke family, "Whether he’s playing Folk or Blues, Piano or Guitar, solo or with his band, Pete Roe’s ability as a great songwriter always shines through. Having played many gigs and festivals, including Glastonbury, last summer, and with an award for Venue Magazine’s ‘Roots Artist of the Year’ under his belt, Pete and his outstanding new band are developing a burgeoning reputation for themselves with their inimitable live shows".

The Randy Swindlers

An incredible fusion of 'easy listening music' and sound financial advice Motto EGO Venit , EGO censeo locus , EGO mortuus in promeritum! (I came, I evaluated the situation and left IN CREDIT!)

The Severn Jazz men

Since their formation in 1967 the Severn Jazzmen have been resident on Mondays at the world famous Old Duke jazz pub in Bristol. Their style is very much trad/Dixieland including vocals from the band leader Dave "Fats" Millman on the piano. This easy listening music will appeal to jazz connoisseurs and those who just want to hear some interesting happy swinging music.
The band has appeared at Jazz clubs and festivals throughout Europe; Acker Bilk, Len Skeat, Martin Drew, Jim Douglas, Allan Elsdon, George Chrisholm, Danny Moss, Brian Lemon, John Barnes, Pete Allen, Kenny Baker and Roy Williams are among the many guests who have played with the band.

The Witchdoctors Blues Band

The band have developed their own style incorporating traditional and original songs in their set. Original songs are written by talented guitarist Ross Cordrey with lyrics provided by charismatic frontman Les Leiper. The band's live performances have received great reviews and along with a strong following the band are attracting much attention for their own kind of blues.

The World Government

The World Government are a dirty hyper-funk improvising collective. “Nothing with Government in the name should be this good!” Incorporating Afrobeat, Funk, Bristol sound, Boogaloo, Drum n Bass, and more, this is music to dance to.

TS Blues band

Jamie Wilkins – guitar and backing vocals, Steve Johnson – Guitar and lead vocals, Jeff Watkins - Bass Guitar and backing vocals, Kirby Stevens – Drums. Playing Blues songs from the 20’s through to the 70’s as well as written by the band. They provide an entertaining night for all big blues fans.

Will Killeen

Will Killeen was born in Mayo, Ireland. He taught himself guitar from the age of 10 then, influenced by Howlin' Wolf Doc Watson, The Pretty Things, Robert Johnson, Bob Dylan and the Roiling Stones to name a few. Killeen plays a memorizing acoustic lineup, set in Celtic roots with an American blues undertone. His whirlwind voice dances effortlessly over the complex and breathtaking guitar. An Old Duke favourite for bar staff and customers alike, guaranteed to tickle your poetic self and set you off dreaming of his music (or indeed the beautiful Will).

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